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What has changed in SAP MM with S/4 HANA

There are quite a few functionalities that have changed in SAP S/4 HANA from ECC. I will try and list down the most important ones to give you an idea of the transformation , the article does not cover all that has changed in SAP MM or IM to S/4 HANA

  • Restructuring of back-end tables and transactions – Few transactions are made obsolete such as MB01, MB02…MB05, MB0A, MB11, 1A….MBSU. They have been replaced by Fiori apps for the better user experience and improved performance and less load on databases.Tables MKPF and MSEG have been made obsolete and stored in the table MATDOC (Simple table). Here are few transactions which are replaced with the Fiori apps
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To activate the above Fiori apps quite a number of Odata service needs to be activated that can be found on Fiori apps library

  • Vendor Master Transactions: In S/4 HANA we maintain business partner through the SAP Fiori app. Transactions related to Vendor Master transactions like XK01, XK03, MK01, FX01 are made obsolete in S/4 HANA
  • Overview of Inventory Analytics (A separate business catalogue role is needed to activate this) and it brings
  1. Stock Value by Stock Type (Pie Chart)
  2. Stock Value by special stock type
  3. Warehouse Throughput History
  4. Monitor Purchase Order Items
  5. Recent Material Documents
  • Configuration Changes in IM – Dependency with mandatory changes in Material Ledger for material valuation. In S/4 HANA, the Material Ledger function is mandatory to support flexible valuation methods in multiple currencies.
  • Post Goods Receipt against the Inbound Delivery – An additional feature of the SAP Fiori app is the ability to search by Inbound Delivery and other attributes. Serial numbers and batch-managed material cannot be used to do goods receipt in Fiori at the moment. A bespoke development would be needed to support the batch management functionality.
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  • Stock Transfer between Storage Locations (One step transfer) – IN ECC while doing the one step transfer the transaction code used is MIGO with movement type 311. In Fiori it is the “Transfer Stock- In Plant”. This app will pull in information such as material details and shows the material stock overview.

Summary – These are just some of the examples of some of the key functionalities that have changed from ECC to S/4 HANA, in details there are hundreds of apps now being used in IM and MM alone, for example, Display Inbound Delivery, Expected Goods Receipt, General Inbound Delivery List, etc. etc.

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