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One step away from enrollment

Your first step to the SAP journey starts with a traditional module training, but it often leaves a crucial gap. While it equips you with fundamental knowledge and SAP technical skills, there’s a world of practical experience and specialised expertise that lies beyond the scope of traditional training.

SAP SD and SD Advance

SAP SD is a core module in SAP ERP that manages sales and distribution processes. It handles sales order management, pricing, availability checks, delivery processing, and billing, enabling businesses to streamline their sales operations efficiently.


SAP EWM, or Extended Warehouse Management, is a module within the SAP ERP system that focuses on managing warehouse operations and optimizing inventory management. It offers advanced functionalities for tasks such as inbound and outbound processes, inventory tracking, warehouse layout, labor management, and integration with transportation management systems.


SAP MM, or Materials Management, is a core module in the SAP ERP system that focuses on managing procurement processes and inventory management. It enables businesses to handle tasks such as purchase requisitions, purchase orders, vendor management, material valuation, goods receipt, and invoice verification. SAP MM streamlines and integrates various procurement and inventory functions within an organization.


SAP POS Data Management is a solution provided by SAP that helps retailers effectively manage and analyze point-of-sale (POS) data. It enables retailers to collect, consolidate, and analyze sales data from various POS systems. With SAP POS Data Management, businesses can gain insights into sales performance, customer behavior, inventory levels, and pricing trends, which can be used for decision-making and optimizing retail operations.

Already did your training in SAP but struggling to get into a project?

We will assess your profile and put you into a live project (Only logistics related, modules covering SD, MM, EWM and SAP Mobility)

A mentor will be working with you to provide you tasks and assignments

Use this experience in your CV to look for jobs

Learn new skills that are high in demand like in S4 HANA, FSCM, Rebate Settlement, Advanced ATP etc

What our clients say?

Faraz has been brilliant. I used to work with him a few years ago and he has been amazing in SAP coaching and counselling, I have worked in several SAP projects and highly recommend him if you are looking to move your career in SAP.


SAP Consultant

My training in SAP UI5 was very intensive and not an easy one, it went very well – Big thanks to Faraz and his team, the training, mentoring, and coaching helped me secure a role. SAP is not easy but with right training people should be able to find a place in SAP.

Nadya Brown

The coaching and mentoring from Faraz has been great and I was able to secure a job in SAP. I had prior experience in SAP but needed guidance in restarting my career where Faraz and Enfogen consulting has helped me a lot.


SAP SD S4 HANA Consultant