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How SAP training at Enfogen is done

“Our Approach can get you in SAP 10 times faster than traditional learning.”

1. Initial evaluation of trainability: We have a unique approach to training where we first evaluate the trainees to determine their current skill level and aptitude for SAP. By conducting initial tests and assessments, we can identify individuals who are more likely to succeed in the training program. If someone does not meet the minimum requirements or fails the initial tests, we suggest they come back at a later time when they have acquired the necessary prerequisites or improved their knowledge in relevant areas. This ensures that only those who are ready and capable of benefiting from the training are enrolled, resulting in out higher success rate.

Why do we have the qualification criteria?

We have qualification criteria in place to ensure the effectiveness and success of our training program. By evaluating the trainees before enrolling them, we can determine if they have the foundational knowledge and skills required for SAP training. This helps us maintain a suitable learning environment where trainees can progress at a pace that suits their abilities. It also ensures that those who participate in the program are more likely to benefit from the training, ultimately improving their chances of successfully entering the field of SAP. The qualification criteria help us maintain a high standard of training and maximize the value delivered to the trainees, setting them up for a successful career in SAP.

2. Project-based training approach: Our training methodology focuses on project-based learning, where we integrate real-life scenarios into every lesson. Instead of solely providing theoretical knowledge, we believe in giving trainees hands-on experience with practical SAP tasks. For instance, when teaching SAP pricing, we present complex scenarios and tasks that require trainees to apply their knowledge in real-world situations. This approach not only enhances their understanding of the concepts but also instils a deep comprehension of the “why” behind each concept. By solving challenging problems and working through realistic scenarios, trainees develop critical thinking skills and are better prepared for SAP implementation in actual projects.

One of the best ways to learn is by teaching others. This phenomenon is known as the protégé effect. The protégé effect helps you learn information better because of several psychological mechanisms stemming from the differences between how we learn information when we learn for ourselves versus how we learn when we expect to teach others. We give our students a chance to train others in the batch for few topics, for example training on a business scenario in SAP thereby letting them use the protégé effect.


2. Emphasis on retention and application: Our goal is to ensure that trainees not only grasp the concepts but also retain the knowledge and can apply it effectively. We understand that SAP is a complex system with various interconnected modules, and memorizing information alone is insufficient. By engaging trainees in practical exercises and real-life scenarios, we facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This approach helps trainees remember the concepts for a longer time and equips them with the skills to solve complex problems they may encounter while working with SAP.


3. Experienced trainers with industry expertise: Our trainers are highly experienced professionals with extensive industry expertise in SAP. They bring real-world project experiences to the training sessions, sharing practical insights and best practices. This allows trainees to learn from professionals who have encountered challenges in SAP implementations and can provide valuable guidance. The trainers are not only knowledgeable in the subject matter but are also skilled in delivering effective training, ensuring that trainees receive the best possible learning experience.


4. Continuous support and feedback: Throughout the training program, we provide continuous support and feedback to trainees. We encourage an open and collaborative learning environment where trainees can ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in discussions. Regular assessments and feedback sessions help identify areas for improvement and allow trainees to track their progress. Our trainers are dedicated to ensuring that each trainee receives personalized attention and guidance to overcome challenges and excel in SAP.

By combining these elements in our training approach, we differentiate ourselves from others by offering a comprehensive, practical, and tailored learning experience. Our focus on trainability, project-based training, deep comprehension, experienced trainers, and continuous support sets us apart and prepares individuals to confidently enter the world of SAP.

What our clients say?

Faraz has been brilliant. I used to work with him a few years ago and he has been amazing in SAP coaching and counselling, I have worked in several SAP projects and highly recommend him if you are looking to move your career in SAP.


SAP Consultant

My training in SAP UI5 was very intensive and not an easy one, it went very well – Big thanks to Faraz and his team, the training, mentoring, and coaching helped me secure a role. SAP is not easy but with right training people should be able to find a place in SAP.

Nadya Brown

The coaching and mentoring from Faraz has been great and I was able to secure a job in SAP. I had prior experience in SAP but needed guidance in restarting my career where Faraz and Enfogen consulting has helped me a lot.


SAP SD S4 HANA Consultant