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SAP CPI Integration with Multi Carrier Platform Integration

The project involves integrating SAP CPI (SAP Cloud Platform Integration) with a Multi Carrier Platform for efficient and streamlined shipping and logistics processes. The goal is to leverage SAP CPI’s integration capabilities to connect various systems, such as SAP ERP, e-commerce platforms, warehouse management systems, and the Multi Carrier Platform, to facilitate end-to-end shipping and tracking processes.


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As a Functional Consultant in this project, your responsibilities may include:

Requirements Gathering and Analysis:

Collaborate with business stakeholders, logistics teams, and IT specialists to understand the business requirements for integrating SAP CPI with the Multi Carrier Platform. Conduct workshops and interviews to gather functional requirements related to shipping, carrier selection, tracking, label generation, and data exchange between systems.

Solution Design and Configuration:

Based on the requirements, design the integration solution using SAP CPI. Define integration scenarios, message mappings, and transformations to ensure smooth data flow between SAP CPI and the Multi Carrier Platform. Configure the necessary adapters, connections, and APIs within SAP CPI for seamless integration.

Data Mapping and Transformation:

Define data mapping rules and transformations to ensure that data exchanged between SAP CPI and the Multi Carrier Platform is correctly formatted and aligned with the platform’s specifications. Implement data validation checks and data enrichment processes to enhance data quality and accuracy.

Carrier Integration:

Collaborate with carriers and the Multi Carrier Platform provider to understand their technical integration requirements. Configure the necessary settings and protocols within SAP CPI to establish secure connections and data exchange with the Multi Carrier Platform. Test and validate the integration with carriers to ensure smooth communication and exchange of shipping-related information.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

Develop test plans, test cases, and test scripts to verify the integration between SAP CPI and the Multi Carrier Platform. Conduct integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing to ensure that the integration solution meets the defined requirements and functions as expected. Identify and resolve any issues or defects during the testing phase.

Documentation and Training:

Create comprehensive technical and functional documentation for the integration solution, including integration design, configurations, mappings, and troubleshooting guides. Provide training and knowledge transfer sessions to key stakeholders and end-users to ensure they understand how to use and support the integrated solution effectively.

Change Management and Support:

Support change management activities by communicating system enhancements, process changes, and updates to relevant stakeholders. Collaborate with business teams to address any issues or concerns related to the integration. Provide ongoing support, troubleshooting, and maintenance for the integrated solution, including monitoring performance, resolving incidents, and implementing system enhancements.

As the Logistics functional Consultant, your role is crucial in ensuring a successful integration between SAP CPI and the Multi Carrier Platform. You are responsible for understanding business requirements, designing the integration solution, configuring SAP CPI, testing the solution, and providing ongoing support. Your expertise in SAP CPI and understanding of shipping and logistics processes will contribute to the seamless flow of information and optimization of shipping operations within the organisation.

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Faraz has been brilliant. I used to work with him a few years ago and he has been amazing in SAP coaching and counselling, I have worked in several SAP projects and highly recommend him if you are looking to move your career in SAP.


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My training in SAP UI5 was very intensive and not an easy one, it went very well – Big thanks to Faraz and his team, the training, mentoring, and coaching helped me secure a role. SAP is not easy but with right training people should be able to find a place in SAP.

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The coaching and mentoring from Faraz has been great and I was able to secure a job in SAP. I had prior experience in SAP but needed guidance in restarting my career where Faraz and Enfogen consulting has helped me a lot.


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