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For SAP HANA Platform 2.0 SPS 02, SAP HANA supports development and deployment of SAP HANA extended application services (XS) advanced model applications.

Discover the missing piece the traditional SAP module training leaves behind, as we step in to bridge this crucial gap and empower you to thrive in the SAP industry.

SAP HANA XSA Development (HANA 2.0)

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What our clients say?

Faraz has been brilliant. I used to work with him a few years ago and he has been amazing in SAP coaching and counselling, I have worked in several SAP projects and highly recommend him if you are looking to move your career in SAP.


SAP Consultant

My training in SAP UI5 was very intensive and not an easy one, it went very well – Big thanks to Faraz and his team, the training, mentoring, and coaching helped me secure a role. SAP is not easy but with right training people should be able to find a place in SAP.

Nadya Brown

The coaching and mentoring from Faraz has been great and I was able to secure a job in SAP. I had prior experience in SAP but needed guidance in restarting my career where Faraz and Enfogen consulting has helped me a lot.


SAP SD S4 HANA Consultant